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Benefits of Fruit in the Workplace

Is you company after Happy and Healthy Staff for their workplace? has your solution!


Modern businesses are very much aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for their employees. These benefits include less sick days for employees, a more productive work environment and goodbye to the 3pm slack off that usually occurs.

Providing fruit to your employees not only supports a healthier lifestyle, it also makes them feel more appreciated and valued. By supplying employees with a selection of fresh fruit it will have the workplace full of happy, motivated and healthy staff creating an efficient, effective and productive workplace.

happy and healthy staff

Health and well-being has become apart of today’s society, and a major focus point for many people. Most organisations have become aware of this and to help with creating a positive workplace they have incorporated a fresh fruit delivery. It has been identified as being one of the most cost-effective ways to promote a healthy way of life amongst the workforce.