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Fresh Fruit Boxes

Unbelievable Quality! Aamazing Variety! Competitive Pricing. Service, next to none!

Our fruit boxes are full of fresh in season fruit delivered straight from Sydney Markets. Hand picked with over 50 years experience we guarantee that our fruit and it’s quality is next to none other.


Our seasoned mixed box is available in either premium fruit or standard fruit and two sizes, regular or large. Filled with fruit that is best in season.

The range of fruit includes*, but not limited to

Standard Fruit Box

Office Fruit

  • Apples – Best in season
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Kiwifruit
  • Mandarins
  • Pears – Packham
  • Fuji Fruit (hard persimmon)

Premium Fruit Box

Our premium fruit box includes all the fruits in our standard fruit box plus

fruit tray

  • Pears – Nashi
  • Pears – Corella
  • Grapes – Green seedless
  • Grapes – Red seedless
  • Paw Paw Red
  • Figs
  • Berries – Strawberries
  • Peaches
  • Nectarines

Our boxes are a set price and will not fluctuate with market pricing, however the amount of individual fruit may vary depending on price and availability. This will keep fruit boxes within budgets and will allow for simplified end of week settlements.

*Fruit is seasonal and may not always be available or pass out quality checks. We endeavour to supply quality and freshness to all our clients and on occasions, some of the fruits listed above, will be unavailable.

Create your own order

Do you know what fruit you are after and how much of it you want? By creating your own order, you tell us what fruit you want and the amount in which you desire. The range of fruit is exactly the same as our seasonal box and premium, however you get to pick and choose the variety and quantity.

cargowise fruit table 1

Many bigger organisations, of 100 employees or more, prefer to do this has it allows them to control the amount of each individual fruit. Normally ordered by the box or the option to order by the piece of fruit, gives our clients the flexibility they require.

We will work together with clients to tailor their order and ensure they are satisfied with the quantities they are receiving. Initially after each delivery we will contact you to find out the response to the fruit by your employees and to see what is most popular within your workplace. We will then monitor and evaluate, from your feedback and from what our delivery drivers notes, to ensure we are achieving the best value for your money by minimizing leftover fruit


For orders or more information please contact us
email: or call us on 1800 IN2FRUIT (1800 462 378)